collars, buttons, laces

Confession: I have a new obsession. It’s buying stuff. That part is not new, I’ve always loved some good retail therapy. But now I’m buying baby clothes like they’re going to stop making them as of December 31st. This baby isn’t even born, he doesn’t have a crib or a bottle or one of those things that sucks boogers out of his nose. But he has an aviator jacket, jeans in multiple shades, adorable onesies in stripes and solids and tiny prints, lace-up shoes, and Nike shorts with matching t-shirts.

I can’t walk by a store that sells baby clothes without just peeking at the infant boy racks. I think I love baby clothes more than buying my own clothes. Maybe it’s because I’ll never have to try them on. Maybe it’s because it’s not cheesy for babies to be color-coded and matching. I told Steve yesterday was the last time I would buy baby clothes until after my baby shower. My baby shower that doesn’t yet have a date. Do you believe that? I can’t believe I said it. Well, I can believe I said it because sometimes I make promises that I don’t keep. This might be one of those…

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