neglected boy

My poor neglected dog. Nearly six years now he has been our baby. He sleeps with us at night, we walk him every day. He gets a bone every Thursday. I buy him new toys frequently from Target. He cuddles with us on the couch while we watch tv each night. He is one of the most spoiled dogs in the world, a part from those ones who eat canned dog food and go to doggy daycare.

So imagine his jealousy when a new baby joins our home. Every visitor that stops by wants to see Brandon, not Tucker. We obsess over Brandon, and when Tucker sniffs around him out of curiosity, we shoo him away angrily. Tucker has lost his spot as the center of our attention and as the baby of the family. He doesn’t seem to like it one bit. He didn’t eat the first day we brought Brandon home. I have let him into the backyard and forgot to let him back into the house. He is still my little baby, but not my only one. And no one likes being second fiddle – dogs included.

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  1. Hard for animals when a new baby comes into the house. Just be aware so you don't get any trouble. Dogs like to know the pack order

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