fatty with no energy

There is a book and a movie called “Thinner” by Stephen King. In it, an obese man is cursed by a gypsy and loses three pounds a day, regardless of what he eats. At first, he thinks it’s great, until he begins to waste away. I have the opposite problem – I gain three pounds a day. Seriously – it’s bad. I don’t have any clothes that fit and I am about three days away from pulling out the maternity clothes again. At first, we thought maybe my birth control had failed me and I was pregnant again.

But then the headaches came on – a headache behind my right eye right underneath my brow. The headache lasts all day but progressively gets worse. By 8pm, I’m in bed because I can’t do anything else. So last week, I went to the doctor. I never go to the doctor. But something is obviously wrong. They ran some blood tests and discovered my thyroid levels were low. They recommended I see an endocrinologist.

This morning, I went to see her.  I have hypothyroidism. Apparently it’s pretty common postpartum. I weigh as much now as I did when I was nine months pregnant. But now I have an excuse. I was falling asleep at 8 o’clock for a reason. I was prescribed a pill to regulate my thyroid levels and hopefully in a couple of months I’ll be completely back to normal. “Just don’t get pregnant before then,” she warned me. “Don’t worry,” I assured her, “I won’t.” My body still hasn’t cleaned up after my last pregnancy. The last thing I need is to add to my body’s problems. 

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