a new season

Week one of my new job completed. I am healthier and happier already. I come home at lunch and make myself something hot to eat on the chilly fall days. I have started a book and a puzzle again. I am not completely stressed out and frustrated. I get to sleep in later and spend an extra hour a day with my baby. Life is good. Life is what it could have been before. Sometimes I kick myself for spending two and a half years at a company that I couldn’t grow within and made me crazy. Two and a half years that I didn’t spend at a company I did love and could grow within. But it’s over now and things are looking up.

 Fall is here and I love fall weather. Now if only  my coats fit! Brandon and I are going shopping today for coats and boots – two of my favorite things. Steve tells me I’m looking thinner already on this thyroid medication. It might not be true, but I’ll believe it. I am going to clean this house today. Nothing is better than a perfectly cleaned house. My pessimism is already turning to optimism! I hardly know myself anymore. It’s time reclaim my old self.

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