You’ve Got Spooks

Tonight, I was playing with Brandon on the floor when Steve suggested a movie. “How about You’ve Got Mail?” he asked. “You love that movie.”
“Sure,” I replied because I really do love that movie.
While Steve searched through our DVD collection to find it, he started naming off other options instead. “Or Family Stone or (500) Days of Summer.”
“You can’t start with You’ve Got Mail and then offer worse suggestions. Of course I’m going to chose You’ve Got Mail,” I tried reasoning with him.

While we bickered jokingly, Brandon grabbed my Kindle I had been playing Scramble on. He likes to take it from me and then bang on the screen to see different images pop up. It’s harmless, really. He can’t do more damage with his banging baby hands than I do with my sweaty fingers. It just ends up on the weather app showing me precisely how cold it is in this god-forsaken snow wasteland.

Steve finally found You’ve Got Mail and popped it into the DVD player. I settled into my indented spot on the small couch. But not before grabbing my Kindle back to continue my word games. But when I switched on the screen, look what was staring back at me:

Somehow, Brandon’s banging baby fingers had made the movie his mom wanted to watch appear. Steve and I searched for a way that it was easily accessible, but found nothing. It was not saved in a cart, it was not in my recent history, it wasn’t an advertisement on one of my free apps. I have never internet searched “You’ve Got Mail” on my Kindle or any other device. I know all about it already, I have no need for knowledge about it. Is my baby a genius and he’s trying to tell me? Is he a wizard? How did this happen? And this just days after his talking puppy went off without anyone around. Shit is getting spooky around here.

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