college-educated dish washers by choice

Remember that snarky, bitchy Holly that was always offending people on here? Well I’m back. I’m ready to offend some people. I’ve finally gotten a little energy back. For the first time in a long time. Ever since Brandon was born I’ve been rundown and tired. I am not exercising or eating well. I am making myself worse. The hypothyroidism was an excuse for being lazy. Then I had a three-month long cold/cough/sinus congestion mess going on. That is lifting. And yeah, I’ve been working a lot. But these all sound like excuses. This is a new year and I will determine what I do with my time – my body doesn’t choose for me. My body is stupid. And fat. Now let’s find others to offend besides my body – because now it is withdrawing and wanting to munch down a few Snickers bars.

It absolutely drives me insane these women who go to college and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars of somebody’s (their own, their parents – doesn’t matter; money nonetheless) on an education they never intend to use. How many women have gone to college and ended up not using it at all? I would wager to say over half of college-educated women. What a fucking waste. Of time, resources, money. This “going for the experience” or going to meet men – those are not good reasons. Go to a god damn bar and hang out near the tap. College should be for people who actually want to learn. Then maybe they could toughen up the curriculum and having a degree could mean something again.

I understand some people go to college because their parents force them into it. Then their parents are stupid. I understand some people go to college fully intending to use their degree and then they have triplets or something unexpected happens. They’re OK, too. But these women who go to college just wanting to be married and have babies and then stay at home, these women who work lame retail jobs and purposefully amount to nothing, these women who expect men to finance their lives – they’re all fucking stupid. Don’t drag education into it – it has nothing to do with you. Just stay where you are and look for a man there. And leave college to the people who actually give a shit about it.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying there isn’t anything admirable about staying home to raise your family – I think that could be the most admirable of all jobs. This is about those losers who pretend they’re going to be something else when they know full well they never will.

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