best week ever

I’m having a good week. Here’s why:

1. I wrote a very therapeutic blog post
2. I caught up with an old friend
3. I’m back on my thyroid medication and have much more energy already
4. I was promoted at work
5. I got to hold a friend’s brand new baby and remember how small my little boy once was
6. My little boy is a week away from his big birthday
7. I got two new blazers
8. We have soft water again
9. I interviewed some excellent candidates (that really gets my blood pumping)
10. I finally finished a book this year
11. I cleaned out my closet
12. It was 70 degrees today!
13. I got a new prescription and new glasses
14. Happy Endings is back on
15. Brandon learned to climb the stairs today

Enough complaining! I have a happy life. If you hear me bitching, tell me to shut the fuck up.

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