Smooth stones

Rebecca said, “Look at the pebbles in the bottom of the pool, Miss Emily, so round and smooth and shining.”

“Yes, but where did they get that beautiful polish, that satin skin, that lovely shape, Rebecca? Not in the still pool lying on the sands. It was never there that their angles were rubbed off and their rough surfaces polished, but in the strife and warfare of running waters. They have jostled against other pebbles, dashed against sharp rocks, and now we look at them and call them beautiful.”
 ~ Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin

Use your strife as an opportunity to become a better person. Never be content with who you are; always strive to be someone better. You won’t get there by lying around waiting for something; you will get there by pushing through difficulties. Through perseverance and dedication and courage. Fuck the person you are today – that person sucks. Become someone better. Start now. 

This is for me. This is to get my ass moving. To stop letting my surroundings dictate who I am. To stop being lazy. To stop making excuses. To do something. To try, and probably fail, but then try again – better the next time.  And hopefully, in reading what I’ve written for me, you find something for you. That’s what my blog is for. We all go through the same difficulties, just in different contexts. Let’s ride those out to better versions of ourselves ahead! 

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