Song of the snails

Song of the snails on their way to a funeral
Translation – original text is in French
by Jacques Prévert 
Two snails went to the burial of a dead leaf.
 They had black shells with crêpe on the horns.
 They left in the evening, a beautiful evening in autumn.
 But when they arrived, it was already spring.
 The leaves which were dead were all resurrected,
 and the two snails were very disappointed.
 But then the sun — it was the sun which said to them,
 “Take, oh take the sorrow, the grief that weighs on you…. 
Take a glass of beer, if the heart says so to you;  if you wish take the bus to Paris.
 It leaves tonight.  But do not take the grief. It is I who says this to you.
 That blackens the white of the eye and then spoils the tales of the  coffins.
 It is sad and not happy. Take back your colors, the colors of life,
 and then all the beasts, the trees and plants began to sing to themselves
 the true songs of spring.” And all had something to drink and toast.
 It is a very beautiful evening, a beautiful evening in summer,
 and the two snails returned home. 
They went warmed and happily, because they had drunk much. 
They staggered a little. But high above in the heavens
 — the old moon was over them.

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