Angry moments

Not long ago, I was devastated. I was disappointed, then upset, then resentful. I let those emotions play out. I wrote to clear my head of it. I talked it through with Steve. And then, I chose to let it go. I decided I can chose to harbor resentment and be angry, but that is not a state of mind I constantly want to be in. I choose otherwise. I don’t feel that I did wrong, I feel that I was wronged, but that doesn’t matter. Who did what or who hurt who or why is outside of my control. What is inside my control is how I react. And I responded in all of the natural ways – the ways my mind told me to. I said my piece, I was honest and transparent. And now, I’ve moved on.

This is a maturity turning point for me. I am aging, and trying to do so more gracefully than my youth would have told you I would. And do you know what happened once I said my piece and played out my emotions and then let it go? The person who wronged me apologized. We all have a choice of how to respond to what happens to us. Life is too short to be constantly weighed down by hate and anger. I choose to let it go. I choose to get rid of the anger so the happiness can stay.

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