That wasn’t an answer

I have always been decisive and opinionated. There are few things more obnoxious to me than an answer like, I don’t care, sure, or you decide. I have always known what I like. To me, knowing what I like is the obvious answer over trying out something I might not. Of course, there are times I’m forced to try something I didn’t know I liked, and then I add it to my roster. But for the most part, I don’t waste my energy on trying something that could be a bust when I know I can get something I will enjoy. Some people don’t get me. Most, actually. But finally, I read something by someone who gets it:

“I just don’t want to have bad experiences. And I don’t want you to have them, either.” After four decades on this earth, time was no longer infinite to him. Those mediocre dinners and pointless films become less forgivable. In a grudging way, I suppose I admire this kind of moral absolutism, this willingness to stand one’s ground despite raised eyebrows. It’s better to be with a man who knows exactly what he likes than with some of the anything-goes guys of my past. The only thing more exhausting than being around someone with iron regulations is being around someone with none. It takes guts to stand by your principles, as uncool or outrageous as they may seem.
~Why is My Mother Getting a Tattoo by Jancee Dunn

As people age, they undeniably become more opinionated and decisive or “set in their ways.” Sometimes younger people don’t have the experience and knowledge to make wise decisions, yet. Maybe I should remember that when I get one of those indecisive non-answers. But it’s hard for me to be patient with this flippant I-don’t-know-any-better attitude. I don’t know why everyone else takes so long to get to where I’ve been since I was a child. Maybe I’m precocious. This eighty-year-old woman is trapped in a thirty-year-old’s body. Will all the other thirty-year-olds start acting eighty already? I’ll give you a jigsaw puzzle to jump start your catch-up.

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