Water boy

On an unseasonably warm January day, I took Brandon to the park. It’s only a half mile away, so I strap him into his stroller and we walk there. I parked the stroller and we walked into the sand and up onto the big toy. We were playing for a few minutes before I looked over at the stroller.

Now let me preface what I’m about to say by saying I’m not a Sizest at all. In fact, I’m a bit on the chubby side, myself. But I do want to paint a picture for you of how disheveled this kid was, and that includes a comment about his weight. Get over it. You don’t even know him.

So, when I looked over at our stroller, there was this chubby kid with a plumber’s crack in full view. His hair was full of sand and his pants were not only too low, they were also too short. He didn’t appear to come with any parents attached. Not only was he standing at the stroller, but he was drinking out of my water cup.

Now I’m very particular about my water cup. Every night I fill up this tumbler with ice cold water and drink out of it until I go to bed. It is my go-to cup and I don’t like to drink water from any other container. But seeing that Grande Pig Pen’s lips on my beloved straw was almost more than I could take. I soaked that tumbler for days in soapy hot water before I attempted to drink out of it again.

And, somehow, miraculously, I am drinking out of my beloved tumbler again. This is a giant leap for a previous germaphobe. There was a girl on my soccer team in high school that always asked for a drink of my pop and I always threw the nearly-full can away afterward. Her lipstick stains were too much for me. I am very weird about seeing lipstick stains or chewed gum or anything that I know is covered in mouth germs. It’s a good thing this kid wasn’t wearing lipstick.

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