I’ve never:

On Monday I peeled an orange for the first time. It made me think of that game “Never have I ever.” Here are some other rather commonplace things that I have never done:

1. Mowed the lawn
2. Broken a bone
3. Got my passport
4. Been to Disneyland or World
5. Got a manicure or pedicure
6. Been to a Cornhuskers or College World Series game (which might not sound like a big deal to you, but here in Omaha, it’s practically a crime)
7. Done my own taxes
8. Learned how to French braid (I’m embarrassed by this. I will watch a YouTube video and figure it out today)
9. Posted a picture of my food or “checked in” on Facebook
10.  Been in a helicopter (this might not be commonplace, but I’ve been watching The Bachelorette and I swear all of them have been in a helicopter)
11. Had braces
12. Eaten asparagus
13. Gotten a tattoo
14. Spelled “camaraderie” correctly (yes, I just got the red squiggly line and changed it)
15. Had jury duty (this makes me sad – I would love to be summoned)
16. Worn Uggs or Crocs or really any “trendy” footwear
17. Owned a Barbie
18.  Skiied or snowboarded
19. Had a drink with soy or chai in it or understood what that meant
20. Watched The Godfather, Goodfellas, or Gone with the Wind. I haven’t read the Harry Potter or Twilight books either, for that matter.
21. Been to a wine tasting. This is a real shame.
22. Worked retail
23. Watched a soap opera (unless Dawson’s Creek counts. James Van Der Beek is my boy!)

There are also so many  more. I have, after all, lived a rather sheltered life. Which isn’t all bad, by the way.

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