Hair loss

I have been pregnant and had children three times now, but never before noticed losing hair at such an incredible rate. Every where I look, my hairs are there. I see them on Holden, on my clothes, on the floor, everywhere. It’s disgusting.

I googled it yesterday to be sure this was normal and that I wasn’t going bald (although that might not be the worst thing at this point). I’m not going bald. I’m just losing all the hair I should have lost in the nine months I was pregnant, if my body wasn’t so confused.

I looked up how long it would take for my shedding to decrease back to normal. The answer? Up to a year. A fucking year of hair all over the place! I need to hire someone to follow me around with a dust buster.

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  1. You could get a cat, spend the year blaming them for the loose hairs, then reap the benefits of all that misdirection once you're no longer shedding.

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