party animals (pun intended)

This was my first birthday party pulling off without one of my fellow Pelesky ladies here to root me on, give me ideas, and help me set up. Last year my mom was here for Brandon’s second birthday right after Holden’s birth, and the year before Amber was still in Omaha and was a part of Brandon’s first. And yes, I admit that those women were the masterminds behind the details and execution of everything. So I was a bit leery to attempt a party on my own. Here’s how it turned out:

I might care more about the stationery than any other detail of the party. I definitely do. My sister says it best: the invitation sets the mood of the party. Cheap crappy invites? Cheap crappy party. I found these beauties on Etsy where I buy most all of my paper goods.

I was going to do a whole Pinterest board for animal theme kid party ideas, but that seemed too daunting. I pinned one idea and then gave up. The one idea I pinned said their local party store sold animal print balloons. Well so did ours. Check check!
I have been cooking a bit this year, but I’m not ready to attempt a feat as large as the focal point of the biggest day of a child’s year (aka, the cake at their party). So luckily this world of convenience we live in has a solution for parents like me. We have a fantastic cake shop here in Omaha that makes everything. These cupcakes were so adorable! And yes, there was some animal discrimination as no kids seemed to want a hippo.
Party bags are a problem for me. I don’t like filling up bags with cheap crap, but I’m also not going to buy each kid a $10 Melissa and Doug animal board puzzle. So I did the next best thing and bought those Melissa & Doug reusable sticker scenes and gave one to each kid along with a packet of animal cookies and two animal figurines. Wah-lah! Melissa and Doug injected into the party on the cheap.
 OK, no more pictures of objects. Time for pictures of these beautiful boys already! 
A rare picture of the three of us
So crazy that people think they look so much alike…
Brandon got everything he asked for. One of these days, I need to make sure my boys don’t turn out spoiled. But today was not that day.
Hmm…do I have a little more? I shouldn’t… but what the hell? It’s my birthday party! I’m so bad.
 We got Holden a rocking horse. I love these old-fashioned toys. Had to make the picture look old-timey for effect, of course.

While I didn’t have a Pelesky lady by my side today, I did have my secret weapon, Anni. She has been to all three parties and has helped with every one. She is amazing and my boys adore her. Thanks Anni! And thanks to everyone who showed up and added to the merriment. Brandon had the time of his life and Holden fell asleep at six tonight, so that means success!

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