adventures in mothering

On Tuesday nights, Steve has class so I try to get the kids to bed a bit earlier than usual so I can have time to clean up and still watch my shows that have been collecting on my DVR all week. But sometimes, you can’t follow a schedule.

I saw a hot air balloon out the front window, so we went outside to watch it. The boys chased it down the street. It was so close, you could see the flame and the sillouettes of the three people inside. All the neighborhood kids were out, speculating where it would land.

Yesterday was my day off, so we went on an adventure. When I first moved to Omaha, I lived downtown so it always holds a special place with me. We had a picnic in the Heartland of America Park, hit up the Old Market, and walked the Pedestrian bridge that crosses the Missouri River over into Iowa.

As soon as we crossed the state line, I told Brandon he was in Iowa now. “But I don’t like Iowa!” he cried.

If you have runners, like I do, I highly suggest bridges. On bridges I know they won’t (can’t) escape me. These two run everywhere. “Race ya!” is a popular phrase. I will enroll them in some organized running clubs as soon as I can. Saucony sells kid shoes now, so we’re golden.

As a mom of two, I am constantly torn between two places. This picture sums up my motherhood pretty well. And you can see their personalities at the moment: Holden is defiant and Brandon is whiny. Oy vey.

Kids in a candy shop

Holden got ahold of Brandon’s sucker and took it everywhere with him. Even when it became covered in dirt, that didn’t deter Holden.

Such a hipster, already at age three. 

I still debate returning to work full-time, but then I realize I wouldn’t be able to have adventures with them any day we choose.

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