run down

My last blog post was weeks ago and at that time I felt exhausted, run down. Today, I still feel exhausted and run down. At first, I thought it was just my body adjusting to my early morning hours working at the coffee shop. But that is only a couple days a week and even then I go to bed at 9:30, still getting the 7-8 hours of sleep I should.

I thought back to when it started and I remembered I had told doctors at my last two appointments I felt fatigued, and that was before I started at the coffee shop. So I looked on my Nike+ app to see when it was I slowed down my running and realized that was back in March that my activity started declining, and by April I had cut my running into about a third of what it was.

I was keeping up on yoga for awhile, but even that dropped off, me spending any extra time now lying in bed reading or sleeping instead of exerting energy, because I really didn’t feel I had any to spare. I googled extreme fatigue, and came up with some viable options: anemia, celiac disease, diabetes. But then of course there were more menacing, scary possibilities so I stopped my googling before self-diagnosing as cancer-stricken.

I’ve been trying to keep tabs on this, pinpoint any details I can. I’ve noticed I feel almost normal in the mornings and can remain as active as I once was until about 2 p.m., and then I feel sacked. I have been rushing chores into the beginning of the day, as well as field trips with the boys, working out (if it ever happens), and anything else of any productive value whatsoever.

But six hours a day is not nearly enough to fit in everything I plan to. So I’m going to see the doctor, see if there is anything diagnosable wrong with me, or if maybe this is just me now. I feel like I’m much too young for feeling this damn old. But maybe this is how damn old you feel when you reach this ripe old age of 32. Maybe I spent too much energy too early in life and the rest of it will be me lying around with books and complaints. God, let’s hope that’s not it though. I was just getting started.

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