first yoga class

Although I have been practicing yoga in the comfort and privacy of my own home for the past year and a half, the time has come to join a yoga class. There is a yoga studio right across the street from the coffee shop I work at and they have a hell of a Groupon going on, so I finally signed up. Then today, after the coffee shop, I made my way over there.

I have had some trepidation about joining a yoga class. I had pictured it would be a bunch of upper middle-class moms – you know the type – the ones with nannies even though they don’t have jobs of their own. I imagined they would talk about their $125 haircuts and roll out in their Lexuses and would wear full makeup and matchy matchy outfits. Of course they would be incredibly flexible and I would be clumsy and awkward and they would snicker and whisper and I would flee crying. I even had a dream that I was some outcast in class last night.

I had other concerns too – that I would need to run to the bathroom mid-class or that my sweaty hands and feet would be a problem. But I needn’t have worried. I went to class and the instructor didn’t snicker when I told her I needed to change into my yoga pants in the bathroom because I just came from work and yoga pants are no bueno there. I put on my weight gloves and kept my socks on and walked into the room. There were only four other women in there, and we each put our mats against a wall, creating our own little corners. Surprisingly, I was the youngest woman there. If anyone were to look like the stereotypical yogi type, it was me, not them.

The instructor told us how to bend into each pose, then walked around and ensured we were each doing it the best we could. I learned how to correctly hold the poses I’ve been doing wrong this whole time. I learned new poses. I breathed well for the first time in a long time. And before I knew it, the hour was over. After savasana, the instructor told us each to roll over onto whichever side we chose and then explained what each side meant. “If you rolled to your left, that means you need to slow down and take it easy. Usually we roll to the left when we do yoga at night or if you are worn down. If you rolled to the right, that means you are choosing to be filled with energy, some ‘get-up-and-go.'”

I had just spoken to my sister yesterday, shortly after writing my latest blog and we both agreed that exercising more might fill me with more energy. Yesterday I took out the jogging stroller and took the boys to a couple of parks. Then last night I signed up for today’s yoga class. And you bet I rolled over to my right side today. I choose to be filled with energy. I choose to rediscover my get-up-and-go.

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