Watching five boys ages 1 to 5 is insanity. Complete, utter chaos. The noise. Oh, the noise.

On Tuesday, after playing with their friends, I took the kids down to the old market to see the lights wrapped around the trees. We started with pizza, but when we came outside afterward, it was pouring down rain. So we ran (literally ran) to the cupcake shop, then drove to a coffee shop drive-thru, and by then the rain had stopped so we made our way to Aksarben village to see their “tree” display.

And then, we came home. Ah, home sweet home. Where the chaos suddenly wasn’t chaotic anymore – being just two of them.

This married couple goes to see a rabbi. 
“What can I do for you?” the rabbi says. 
“We’re having a terrible problem, Rabbi,” the couple says.
“We have five children and we all live in a one-room house and we’re driving each other crazy.” 
The rabbi says, “move in a sheep.” 
So they move a sheep into the house. A week later they go see the rabbi and tell him that things are worse than ever, plus there’s a sheep.
“Move in a cow,” the rabbi says. 
The next week they go to complain once again, because things are so much worse now that there’s a cow. 
“Move in a horse,” the rabbi says. 
The next week the couple goes to see the rabbi to tell him that things are the worst they’ve ever been. 
“You’re ready for the solution,” the rabbi says. 
“Move the animals out.”
~As told by Nora Ephron in “I Feel Bad about my Neck.”

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