January love list

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about what I’m into lately, but I think I’ll get back into the habit. If I’m honest, this isn’t some thought that just came to me. Rather, it was inspired, as most thoughts are. If you’ve watched Below Deck, no doubt you too have a deep appreciation for Kate Chastain. How could you not? She’s witty and smart and sarcastic and has just the right amount of “no bullshit”ness. Well, I came across her blog in my internet stalking and she writes a “love list,” so in my quest to become the Kate Chastain of land, I will too.


So of course Kate, you will be the first entry on my love list, for all the reasons I gushed about above.

And these sports bras will be a close second. If you run and have boobs, you know there is almost no sports bra that supports you and holds you in during high impact workouts. Well this Champion C9 sports bra from Target does it all. I bought three of them, and bonus: they were on clearance for only $6.88!

I found this 5 year diary at Powell’s books over Thanksgiving vacation, then came home and found it online through Amazon at half price. This is the ideal diary – you only write about a paragraph each day and as the years go on, you will see your entries from the same day the previous years. I’m in love with it. And I have been able to write something every day for the past month – it’s easy when it’s only a paragraph.

These leaf earrings from Magnolia Market. I am always getting compliments on them. And the best part? They’re made out of leather. At the risk of sounding smutty, I love leather.

Brandi Carlile Pandora radio station. It is everything. I don’t even love Brandi Carlile that much, but I love her Pandora station. Bravo. You’re an alright singer but an excellent deejay.

Social Print Studio. I am constantly finding excuses to get them to print more stuff for me. This is my most recent purchase: a poster with 96 of my favorite Instagram posts from 2015. It perfectly documents our year and I plan to make one each year and hang them on our stairwell. This company has also printed my Christmas cards, a day calendar for my mom, adorable miniprints and undoubtedly much, much more as I convince Steve of their necessity.

Alright, now I must change into a Champion sports bra and run. This marathon ain’t gonna run itself, unfortunately (but if that’s an option, let’s set up a meeting, marathon).

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