April love list

My latest love list kicks off with this CD I’m completely obsessed with: “Traveller” by Chris Stapleton. I have loved country music since I was in college, and Steve has loved singer/songwriter/folk-type music. This CD is a perfect blend of both. This album doesn’t feel rushed and full of filler. Rather, it feels like Chris wouldn’t put out an album until he was happy with every song. It’s incredible.

I packed away all the size three clothes last week and gave Brandon his 4T wardrobe, which he hated immediately. “I want my old clothes back!” he moaned. And soon I understood what he was saying. Sure, the new clothes don’t have any stains or rips, but we had a history with his old clothes. I particularly miss these shorts: they are “Genuine Kids by Oshkosh” brand and I bought them once upon a time at Target. I wish I could find them in every size because they are perfect. I have many pictures of Brandon in these shorts, because he always picked them out.


Speaking of shorts, it’s shorts season here. I love colored shorts because I wear so many white, black, and gray shirts. J. Crew Factory had them for $15 the other day, and they have 5″ inseam for us middle-aged moms that don’t want to look like we’re still trying to be teenagers. Hell yeah! (OK, maybe I am still trying to be hip).

I didn’t really know what “PJ Masks” was until a few weeks ago, and now it has moved into this house like a hurricane. The boys have their own running/dance routine worked out to the theme song. There doesn’t seem to be much merchandise for it out in stores yet (OK, there isn’t ANY), but luckily, it’s 2016 and the internet solves all our consumer problems. I found this on Etsy for oh so cheap and the quality is fantastic.

I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, but when I start a good book, somehow I find time. Suddenly, every spare moment (now there are spare moments), I’m reading. I could not put down “Going Clear” which you probably already know about because it’s also a movie. I haven’t seen the movie, but the book is fascinating – it’s about the religion of Scientology and it’s shocking. Lawrence Wright does an excellent job of putting together all the different testimonies and angles and should be offered some sort of award for his journalism, in my opinion.

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