2016 in review

 Brandon can sit through the movies. But we’ve learned better than to take Holden. 
I register for a marathon. I begin training.
 We go sledding for the first time.
 During winters around here, we read a lot of books. 
Holden turns two. 
Brandon turns four.
Kylie and Khloe have moved back here from Hawaii. 
I run a half marathon, my tune-up race.
The boys are still best friends.
 Brandon makes me laugh.
 We play outside. All the time. 
I sort through clothes and toys for weeks for a garage sale. 
Brandon helps. 
I travel to Washington and run my first (and last?) marathon with my older brother and younger sister.
 My boys welcome me home.
 They play with their best friends.
 And catch fireflies.
 In July, I start school. This means a 10-day residency, so I’m away from my boys again. But I make great friends.
 In August, Steve and I celebrate our 10-year anniversary by traveling to NYC. Then Aunt Amber comes to visit us and tells Brandon and Holden they will have a new cousin in 2017.
 In September, Brandon starts pre-school. After a couple days, he loves it.
 My friends from school come visit me for a weekend. Writers are an odd bunch.
 As soon as it opens, we go to the pumpkin patch all the time.
 Or sometimes other places.
 They become even better friends.
 We make our own Halloween costumes. Brandon is Charlie Brown, Holden is Linus. They are obsessed with watching Peanuts movies.
 Holden takes up a new habit of sleeping in my bed next to me each night. I’m not complaining.
 We travel to Washington for Christmas. Brandon and Mila are reunited.
 But all four of them get along, most of the time. It’s the Christmas of Shopkins.
 Then, I went back to school for my second residency.
Ready to start 2017 off right. I plan to finish my novel and not train for a marathon this year.

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