march love list

I am starting on the second half of my novel, writing toward an end now. And I don’t know where to start. So I am distracting myself by writing this instead. Writers are fantastic at finding distractions. It might be our biggest skill, our most shared trait.

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It’s slow and chill and emotional. Perfect reading or writing music. 

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Many writers write books about how to write. But this one is short. Ron Carlson explains what he did to write his own story. He is full of useful insights, like don’t let yourself get distracted. 😳

I heard this quote yesterday and wanted to keep it here, where I might see it again.

Favorite wine right now. It’s become a Monday night tradition: to kill a bottle of this while watching The Bachelor.

For my birthday, I asked for a second monitor. You know, one for writing and one for distracting myself by surfing the internet. But our computer is the monogamous type, apparently. So at Target yesterday, I bought myself some other things instead. Steve looked in my cart and said, “god, you’re so old.” Because yes, I had put in this candle. Best smelling candle, by the way. My office smells heavenly.

I also put in these, because they’re pens/markers. My favorite. Makes me feel like trying again on my penmanship. I don’t, but at least the thought is there.

And I’m buying myself leather bracelets online. Lots of them. It’d be easier with a second monitor.

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