whites in waves

All we do is hide away
All we do is chase the day
All we do is lie and wait
All we do is feel the fade

I can count on one hand the people I know who aren’t fading. People who are vibrant: not resigning themselves hopelessly to roles and ruts, to pessimism.

In a longer video for this song, Oh Wonder asks filmmakers what it means to be human. One replies, “Find yourself, lose yourself, and then find others.” I love that. That is what the story I’m writing is about. That’s what I’m learning myself.

So I am trying to live the life I want, not the life I know. I am taking it one day at a time. I heard once acting brave is as good as being brave because in acting brave you actually become brave. So yesterday I lived a day as the person I want to be. And today I plan to live another like that. And in living days acting like the person I want to be, I will become that person.

All I wanna be is whites in waves

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