We started the Colorado trip with that epic Chris Stapleton concert. Margaritas!


Brandon and Holden loved the house we stayed at the first night. It was next to a creek. And it had a trampoline and a bunny. Steve’s aunt and uncle were excellent hosts and prepared us a nice hearty breakfast.

And then, of course, lunch at the Old Spaghetti factory. We sat on the trolley.

We checked into the hotel. Our house is blue. Holden is often heard saying, “I want to go home to my blue house.” So they thought it was special that our hotel was by the big blue bear.

My college roommate lives in Denver now, so we met up for dinner. Her little girl is just older than Holden. 
Instant friends. 
We went to a mall that had a Disney store and a Lego store. 

 We wiped them out 

 On Friday we toured 16th street. Holden relaxed on the shuttle.

And found himself the biggest bottle of Hershey’s syrup, the staple of his life. He lives for chocolate milk.

 Brandon got his own room key from the woman at the front desk. Every time we left he made sure to bring it with.

 Found a big ol’ bear outside Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

 Holden jumped on the bed.

 And colored. Some on the hotel comforter, shh.

On Saturday we stopped at Steve’s grandma’s house to see a few relatives. Brandon became instant buddies with Kevin. He teared up when we left.

Then we drove the 500 miles back home and it wasn’t all that bad. We stopped only once, in North Platte, and toured the Fort Cody Trading Post.

“I don’t want to go to Colorado again, because that took forever in the car,” Brandon said the other day.
“But don’t you want to see Kevin?” I asked.
“Oh yeah. OK. We can go back to Colorado.”

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