2017 in review

 We ate donuts. Holden knows my order, and I love to hear him say “maple.”
 Holden wore me out, wore himself out.
I started running again.
 We went on adventures: to parks, museums, landmarks.
 Holden and I became pretty much co-dependent upon each other.
 The boys fell in love with Lincoln. We went there a lot last year for furniture at my favorite store.
 Some days brought sun, headphones.
 Some days brought cake pops.
The boys dressed up like Alvin, loved running around the main floor at night with flashlights singing the spooky song.
 Holden turned three.
 I placed third in that half marathon I equally love and hate.
 The boys became obsessed with stuffed animals.
 My sister had a baby. I traveled to Portland for a few days to hold her at her smallest.
 Brandon turned five.
 Stephen graduated with his MBA.
 Brandon graduated from preschool.
 We traveled to Denver, saw Chris Stapleton at Red Rocks.
 We had a garage sale.
 Holden went to the dentist for the first time.
 We had sno cones.
 We traveled to Shickley a time or two.
 Holden and I remained co-dependent on each other.
 Did I mention there were donuts?
 Brandon made up stories, found a real knack for storytelling.
 I went to school, dreamed.
 The rains came. Hard.
 For the fourth of July, we entertained two sets of twins. Or, they entertained us.
 We spent a lot of time in the car.
 We went to Kansas City.
 I cut off my hair, divorcee style.
 Holden started preschool.
 We saw the eclipse in totality. Of course, there was sugar.
 Brandon started Kindergarten.
 I traveled to Milwaukee with my two best friends.
 The pumpkin patch opened. There was kettle corn.
 Brother time became more special, with Brandon gone so much now.
 I spent a weekend on a riverboat, writing.
 It kept raining. We smiled through it.
 The boys were superheroes. They are superheroes. They save me every day.
 Leaves fell.
 We learned to sleep in another place, in new beds. Sometimes it was hard.
 Sometimes, we were just fine.
 Baby Avie came to visit us in mom’s new apartment. We love her.
 Holden was in a Christmas concert. Brandon ran to the front to take a picture of him.
 We sustained each other.
 Again and again.
 And again.
There were cookies, too.

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