Q417 Songs

I haven’t kept up well on my blog. It is my final semester of grad school. I’m also taking a screenwriting class on campus.


I’m occupying my time in other ways, but sometimes, when I’m sitting at my computer any way, I think, I’ll blog again. Blogging is my first draft, my unedited writing. It is my journal that I share.


Music was such a part of 2017 for me: so therapeutic, such an escape. I have never worn headphones like I did in 2017, which is to say all the time.


This girl at the high school I teach poetry at has been revising a poem for years: a poem about why she wears headphones. The four second pause between songs is when her mind screams at her, “Listen, listen!” and the negative self-speak revs back up, deafens her. It is only while her music is on that her mind quiets itself.


“That’s really cool,” I said, then I found myself saying it again, “that’s really cool.” I just repeated it again and again. She had found words for something I hadn’t and that is what is so beautiful about art: there is room for all of us to contribute, to inspire one another, to discover ourselves through each other.

So for the final quarter of 2017, here are some of the songs I geeked out to. Some of the songs that drowned out my negative self-speak. My new tunes, if you will.

The Long Day is Over – Norah Jones
Cannonball – ZZ Ward
Her Life – Two Feet
Broken – Lund
Gooey – Glass Animals
I Can’t Go On Without You – Kaleo
Monsters – Ruelle
Beggin For Thread – Banks
Like That – Bea Miller
Down – Marian Hill
The Blues Man – Hank Williams Jr.
Here We Go Again – Ray Charles ft. Norah Jones
Havana – Camila Cabello
A Pirate Looks at Forty – Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, and Jack Johnson


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