2018 in review

img_6783We celebrated little things. img_7056We read books. img_7320We went on adventures. img_7846In March, that meant on an airplane. img_8104We ate junk. img_8026Exhausted, we slept. img_8150We played. img_8360And partied. img_8689I traveled to Tampa and LA and Washington and Oregon and Colorado and Cancun. I walked or ran in all of those places, sometimes stopping to take pictures. img_9186My boys and I also went on lots of walks to parks. Apartment living. img_9338But my apartment did have a pool. img_9701The other place I traveled to was the middle of nowhere. We got a flat tire. We fixed it ourselves. img_0242After two years of work, after writing a thesis and preparing a lecture and giving a reading, I graduated with my MFA. img_0282The boys took swimming lessons. Still, neither can really swim. img_9849Some days I  looked at Brandon and saw not a little boy, but a young man. img_0560The boys every day became better friends than the last. img_0825For the second time, I ran Hood to Coast with my family. img_1100Holden still sucks his thumb, uses his blankie, and sits in the baby swings. img_1295I read some more. img_1306In 2018, I remembered what it is to work. I mean, I’ve never stopped working but I started working jobs that paid again, spent my early weekend mornings barista-ing. img_9326Evenings I spent working at the restaurant or with the kids. img_9334Mostly, Holden was naughty. Mostly, Brandon was nice. img_9388.1We moved into a new place and bought each other Christmas presents and decorated our tree and somehow, we managed our first year like this. My boys and I are feisty and stubborn together. There will be so many more years like this.

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