books with my name on them

Screenshot_2019-05-30 Holly Pelesky ( HollyPelesky) Twitter.pngHere are my books, full of words I wrote; these are my stacks of author copies.

This week I have been inscribing and mailing books to the nice people who support my art, even if my particular aesthetic isn’t theirs.

I have been figuring out how to promote myself. I have emailed local bookstores and created Amazon and Goodreads author pages and penned tweets and even accidentally spammed a lot of people on Instagram in my pursuit of making an IG story.

My friend is helping me plan this book release party because that particular aspect of this author’s life was too overwhelming.

The man at the Post Office and I are very familiar.

I am doing it, unassuredly but surely. But if you think about it, that’s pretty on brand for this life of mine.

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