2019 in review

Every year, there are donuts.
Holden and I spent the last of his preschool days together.
We spent a lot of time at Dave & Buster’s, won a bunch of jackpots, got a lot of stuffies.
There was so much joy.
Holden turned five.
Brandon turned seven.
We made art.
So much joy.
My slam poetry team made it to finals.
My first book was published.
Brandon lost his teeth.
I worked as a waitress, a slam poetry coach, a barista, a bakery worker, a freelance editor, a website designer, a vending machine stocker and an HR consultant.
I ached for days off.
Holden graduated preschool.
There were so many outings. We made it this year without moving but our downstairs neighbor doesn’t like the sound of kids so we left as often as we stayed.
Holden started Kindergarten. Brandon started second grade.
We traveled to Seattle to meet the boys’ newest cousin, Nolan.
Holden broke his arm. It made for a popular start to Kindergarten.
After the worst days, there were beautiful sunrises.
I traveled to New York with my writing buddies.
Did I mention there were outings?
For Halloween, Holden was Jason, Brandon was Yoshi.
I pursued my writing with reckless abandon.
This marked our first Christmas Day we didn’t spend together.
But the days we were together, I’m telling you, were magic.

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