High in the clouds, I stare for a moment,marveling at the intricacies of these clouds,then thinking of all the other clouds, elsewhere,I have never seen and never will.And then I think of other places and thingsthat are also spectacular that are so separatefrom me, and suddenly, I feel so insignificant.But then I look down at... Continue Reading →

road trip

Nearly a decade ago, my friend hopped a flight to Seattle and I picked her up at the airport, my Saturn loaded down with everything I owned. We drove to Omaha, stopping to sleep in Montana. Now in our thirties instead of twenties, when she told me she was going to be moving halfway across... Continue Reading →

flying solo (with a baby)

Nothing makes you stop believing in the good in people quite like flying with an infant. I have never experienced such blatant disregard in my life. It starts before I even board - while waiting, the other people around sneak looks at us, then look away as to not make eye contact. They are thinking... Continue Reading →

Brandon’s first trip

Excuse my absence - Brandon and I were on our first travel excursion together. It sounds much more thrilling than it was. Actually, I have nothing to complain about as far as the trip to Seattle goes. Steve and I got to the ticket counter and there a very helpful woman gave him a paper... Continue Reading →

6A & 24 DEF

I talk like a bitch in private, but when it comes right down to it, I don't intentionally go around pissing people off. It's not my nature. I don't start conflict purposefully. OK, I do flip people off and yell out my window at line cutters on Harrison, but that's only because I know I... Continue Reading →

Seat 15A

I'm not a parent, so I'm really not one to criticize someone's parenting style, but maybe you parents can tell me if this is bizarre to you. I flew to Phoenix and back this weekend (half marathon - I'll blog about that later when my body and mind isn't so tired of it), and was... Continue Reading →

Mr. Campbell in 8D

Today on the plane didn't start out well. Steve was feeling terrible and as a result I had to be the responsible one, which would never be my first choice. Given any choice, the word "responsible" would never be used in conjunction with me in any situation. I gave Steve the window seat (I did... Continue Reading →

catcall me, duty-free travel experiment

I was feeling like pretty hot stuff driving home tonight, as one of my Hispanic friends (I am beloved by the male Hispanic community, for the most part) hanged his head out the vehicle window while gaping at me for two straight miles on I-480 tonight. Right when I merged onto I-80 and he forked... Continue Reading →

the joys of air travel

Steve and I traveled to Denver for a very quick two days this weekend. I am the worst traveler ever. It's not that I get stressed out in airports or anything like that, I just don't arrive sloppily enough. I'm wearing heels while I'm walking miles at a time to get from the sidewalk to... Continue Reading →

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