Seat 15A

I’m not a parent, so I’m really not one to criticize someone’s parenting style, but maybe you parents can tell me if this is bizarre to you. I flew to Phoenix and back this weekend (half marathon – I’ll blog about that later when my body and mind isn’t so tired of it), and was sitting a row in front of a young girl on the way there. We both had window seats (first time for me since being married!) and we were both staring intently at the world below us as we descended.

The girl asked her mom a few questions:
Her Q: What is that?
Mom’s A: Grand Canyon (it wasn’t)
Her Q: Why is that part green?
Mom’s A: Golf course (crop of some sort, but OK mom)

Then mom snapped. Maybe it was because her young child was obviously much smarter than herself, or maybe she is just impatient. Either way, she said, “why do you keep looking out the window? You should be watching Disney right now.” I could see through the crack between my seat and the plane’s wall that the girl was still looking out the window – mesmerized. “I mean it, I paid six dollars for that, you should have been watching Disney this whole time,” mom said. “It’s on Nick” the girl answered. “Well put it back on Disney and start watching it,” mom huffed.

So the girl straightened up in her seat; forced to watch Hannah Montana instead of looking outside. All the while, I sat in front of them, mesmerized.

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  1. Seriously? She'd rather have her kid watch TV than be enamored by the view outside a plane window? How often do they get to fly?! Sheesh. Some parents. I'd be encouraging my kids to look out the window!!


    PS She paid $6 for Hannah Montana? I think that might be worse…

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