thaw day

Today, the snow began to melt.

It’s been well over a month since I’ve felt temperatures above freezing. There were many days that we didn’t even made it into the positives. I have never been so happy to see puddles in my life.

At work, while I was giving applicants instructions on how to begin their typing assessments, I caught a glorious glimpse outside and stopped what I was doing to look again. I commented that it looked like a heat wave out there, but no one responded. They just wanted to pass a typing test already and I was blubbering on about the weather.

Don’t you hate it when people talk about the weather? I do.

Except on Thaw Day. We should make that an annual holiday.

My demeanor has been defined by this snow. I’m panicked and crazed and stressed just thinking about driving in it or shoveling it or forcing Tucker to go outside in it, or cleaning our floors after it.

And today a little bit of that stress melted away.

Or maybe that’s because I’m flying to Phoenix tomorrow morning. I will discover if there really is an Arizona and then I’ll report back.

And hopefully I will return to snow piles that are measurable by a yardstick. Hopefully. But let’s take it one thaw day at a time.

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  1. Amen yay for spring!!! Even if it IS a few weeks off at least she's letting us know that she's on her way!! It got up to 55 here today and my mood reflected the warmth of the sunshine. I can not wait for spring! (Though winter can keep the pollen!)
    Have fun in Az!

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