stalling in ravines against snowbanks

January in Nebraska is like this: Between the cars, on the yellow painted lines in the parking lot, snow melted to slush and then froze into ice and there are slick stripes, perilous patches to avoid while loading and unloading your children from the car again and again. The windiest day of the week coincides... Continue Reading →


Green buds are peeking through the filth that winter has left behind and spring is giving me a new hope, as I suppose it exists for. Winters here in Nebraska are long and dreary and we go weeks, sometimes months, without seeing the sun or feeling any warmth at all. It's not just a lack... Continue Reading →

April sun

 It feels like summer! I already have a sunburn/Holly tan! Holden was diagnosed with a double ear infection and put on Amoxicillin. Then he broke out in these red bumps that cover his body. I thought he was allergic to Amoxicillin like his mama, but the doctor said this is the virus interacting with the... Continue Reading →

Obligatory Pumpkin Patch visit

There is this autumn parental obligation that I'm not all that fond of: taking your children to the Pumpkin Patch.I never went to a Pumpkin Patch growing up (our autumn activity was always the Puyallup Fair). Quite honestly, I don't get the appeal.But then again, there are things you do in life for your kids.That's... Continue Reading →

the gardens

I have lived in Omaha for a decade, and only today did I finally visit Lauritzen Gardens.When I first lived in Omaha, I was in college, living in the dorms. I would walk to the zoo down tenth street nearly every day. This was on 10th and Bancroft. This have a nostalgic affection for this... Continue Reading →

bubbles, football, fall

A few months ago,  someone recommended I take a picture every day. That's a good idea, I thought to myself, but I never really did it. I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I like to take pictures and I have beautiful boys to be the subjects of said pictures. Then... Continue Reading →

summer haircut

Don't you love summer time? When boys dress in t-shirts and cargo shorts and girls are self-conscious?  We got Brandon's haircut today. I have considered doing it myself, but then I remember in January when he got his haircut last, he screamed non-stop. Snot and tears were running down his face. I will leave it to... Continue Reading →

Beautiful autumn

 I walked by Brandon's room and thought I left the light on.  My little monkey didn't like wearing his hood.  First time trick-or-treating. Every time kids came to the door, he tried to go back out with them.  Cheesing for the camera.  Candy, candy, candy. Foreshadowing on the left.

Relentless Winter, you old grouch!

May 2nd in Omaha:  Winter refuses to admit its fame has ended.  He holds on tight, like a leach, to Spring.  Refusing to give Spring its day.  Blocking the sun so we remember just how powerful he is.

turn me out the door

The outdoors have been calling me. So, not being one to dismiss a siren's song, I have obliged. I have officially become a Midwesterner. I remember my first winter here, I would think those people wearing shorts in the snow were crazy. I am now that person. A few days lately, the temperature has been... Continue Reading →

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