bubbles, football, fall

A few months ago,  someone recommended I take a picture every day. That’s a good idea, I thought to myself, but I never really did it. I’m not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I like to take pictures and I have beautiful boys to be the subjects of said pictures. Then a few friends suggested I join Instagram so I finally did (I have not yet found it to have the annoyances that Facebook carries). And what do you know, it was just the kick I needed to start taking a picture every day.

This kid could chase bubbles all day. 
He’s only quiet when he’s asleep lately. 

Football is back. My dad asked me if I’m ready to be a football wife again. I completely understand that September to December is a man’s time to watch his games, and when the games aren’t on, to speculate on them, analyze them, and discuss them over beers. Dolphins won the first game of the season yesterday against our biggest rivals, those &@*& (couldn’t pick which obscenity I wanted so fill in the blank) New England Patriots. I taught Brandon to say “Fins Up!” and he can’t say it without jumping.

After four days of feeling awful from this damn sickness, I am back to myself again. Which means coffee and donuts. Brandon stole my coffee away from me, and when he saw his little brother sitting up in the Bumbo, he positioned himself in his own chair and sat down to enjoy a nice drink. I had to crop out the bottom because he is at that age where pants are a nuisance, not a necessity.

I have a to do list a mile long. No one can take four days off of their regular life without getting behind on something. I have so many chores to do and I need to work out. I feel like a slug. The air here is cooling down, football is back, and my diseased ash tree is already shedding leaves. I love fall! Putting the wreath of leaves on the door today!

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