Family pictures

We have the pleasure of knowing an excellent photographer. Her boys are friends of ours. She doesn’t live here, so when she comes to visit, I solicit her for some pictures, even though it is her holiday with her family and she obliges. She is a kind-hearted person.
I didn’t have a single picture of my family four. And only one of our family of three, and that was taken the only other time we’ve seen a photographer. Someone always has to be holding the camera, so one adult is always out of the shot.
But Donna fixed that for us. She took some beautiful pictures of our beautiful kids. And let me tell you, it isn’t easy to get four people coordinated enough to do anything at the same time, especially when one is a five-month old baby. Thanks Donna!
I’ll leave you with the notorious Carter scowl. 

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  1. I'm very happy you liked the pictures!!
    I have one picture with my mom. One. I was an infant.
    It's important to me to help others get in the picture!!

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