Green buds are peeking through the filth that winter has left behind and spring is giving me a new hope, as I suppose it exists for. Winters here in Nebraska are long and dreary and we go weeks, sometimes months, without seeing the sun or feeling any warmth at all. It’s not just a lack of sun – it’s holiday hangover and no Vitamin D. The wildlife safari is closed and the boys don’t get to play outside and I don’t get to go on outdoor runs and everything just accumulates into boredom and depression.

But this morning, I was up before the sun and I journaled and I went for a run and I ran by this cornfield that we visited last year when the stalks were tall and due for harvest. I saw little buds peeking through the dingy brown and they were probably just weeds, but even so, it signified newness and a fresh start. I thought of how life gives us all sorts of new cycles to start over. Each day we get a new sunrise. Each year we get a new birthday. We have endless opportunities to redefine ourselves, to turn new pages, to start new chapters and close out old ones.

I am invigorated today. There is a little of the dead of winter left, but soon, it will all be gone and spring will be here and everything will be coming up roses.

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