Winter coat

Winter has been long, and I have worn it like a heavy coat. I have been only a sliver of my normal self - mostly covered in winter's gray. I have been exhausted and tired and grouchy and run down. I haven't been doing the things I love. I haven't been taking baths or doing... Continue Reading →

Red October

In our front yard, we have these bushes:  They have thorns and always prick me while I'm weeding. They grow like crazy and require a lot of trimming. I've already pulled two of them out; one day, the rest. But for about two weeks every fall, they turn bright red and begin to shed their... Continue Reading →

warm nights

I give Omaha a lot of shit, because for three months every year I drive on snow-covered streets in white-knuckle terror. Then in the summer, I dread going outside for fear I will faint from heat stroke, or else just sweat so bad I leave a trail of sweat droplets behind me.But for as much... Continue Reading →

the blogger is out: to return in september

Forgive me for my absence.Big Brother has begun.If it weren't for that show, there would be absolutely nothing I liked about summer. I hate mosquitoes and unbearable heat and that stuff between your window panes. I hate the sound of flip flops, I hate those teeny bikinis that I can't wear ever since the stretch... Continue Reading →

before i hate it…

Winter blew in yesterday. Tucker and I were on our daily walk because neither of us is ready to let it go yet. The wind blew his beard like he was on the cover of Glamour. I gloved up for the occasion. At the post office today, the distinctive smell of a heater just-turned-on-for-the-first-time-after-the-summer-months filled... Continue Reading →

Spring Thaw

It's under a month until the official start of Spring. I have never been more ready for a season to end in my life. I really do love the change of seasons. I love how the year cycle emulates life. But this winter has been dragging on, reminding me only of the end of life,... Continue Reading →

thaw day

Today, the snow began to melt. It's been well over a month since I've felt temperatures above freezing. There were many days that we didn't even made it into the positives. I have never been so happy to see puddles in my life. At work, while I was giving applicants instructions on how to begin... Continue Reading →

winter solstice

To The Thawing WindCome with rain, O loud Southwester!Bring the singer, bring the nester; Give the buried flower a dream;Make the settled snowbank steam;Find the brown beneath the white;But whate'er you do tonight,Bathe my window, make it flow,Melt it as the ice will go; Melt the glass and leave the sticksLike a hermit's crucifix;Burst into... Continue Reading →

snow day

This is what I woke up to this morning. That is nothng compared to what the snow accumulation is at now. It has enveloped those poor, winter-dead mums. The snow is mocking my rain gauge. I wanted an accurate read of the snow inches (yes, I do snow too - not just rain: I'm equal... Continue Reading →

Sweet September

Ah, September 1st. I awoke to a definite nip in the air and put on my fuzziest sweat pants and a fleece the second I stepped out of the shower. I dreamed last night that it was snowing and roused myself only long enough to snuggle farther down into the covers and allow Tucker in.... Continue Reading →

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