Sweet September

Ah, September 1st. I awoke to a definite nip in the air and put on my fuzziest sweat pants and a fleece the second I stepped out of the shower. I dreamed last night that it was snowing and roused myself only long enough to snuggle farther down into the covers and allow Tucker in. Until the snow arrives, I will relish in the ten days or so we will get of fall weather. I have traded my cold Starbucks beverages in for hot ones (why yes, a white chocolate mocha sounds delightful).

I raked leaves on Sunday so Steve could mow the lawn. Tucker loved the large pile I created and insisted on trampling through it. I tried to shoo him away but ended up laughing because he looked so confused. I also painted an accent wall in a nice fall red. We’ll see if I regret that when spring comes around. The paint man told me it looked like blood and laughed nervously. Why is he so aware of the precise hue of blood?

The good shows are coming back on tv, we are traveling to visit family, another three-day weekend…there is nothing too shabby about September. Today I came home from work and didn’t curse my car because of it’s lack of air conditioning. I did, however, curse the many school buses on the way to work that tack an extra five minutes onto my commute. I will love school when I have kids and can use that as an excuse to only work part-time. Until then, get out of my way. This might be your job, Mr. Bus Driver, but I’m trying to get to mine so I can keep it, so move it.

Oh wait, this post was about how happy I am with the change of seasons. This fall, I am looking forward to: seeing my brothers. To going to the Puyallup fair. To Biggest Loser and Project Runway. To wearing my Banana Republic navy blue trench coat that really doesn’t match anything. To buying new boots. To light scarves. To a new batch of sweater vests. To Steve’s birthday ice cream cake. To running our six miles around Wehrspann lake in record time. To finally having trick-or-treaters. To my new king size bed. To painting even more rooms.

This fall, I hope: to get more poetry published. To spend more time reading and less watching “Big Brother after dark.” To lose ten pounds. To learn. To be a better wife. To make some new friends. To bake cookies. To go to Worlds of Fun with my sister again. To tolerate my daily commute. To spend less money on myself and more on gifts. To appreciate what I have and forget about what I don’t.

Bittersweet *Autumn. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.
~Carol Bishop Hipps

*The word here is actually October, but I thought Autumn worked better with my post. Perhaps I’ll try it again next month so I can use the quote correctly.

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