second bra, dumpster, not invited

My blog showed up in these Google search results:1. Second braWhat? People have more than one? 2. Saturn sounds like bucket of bolts rattling in back when drivingOK, good, so it's not just mine. 3. Envision your perfect partnerDone. So where is Mark McGrath? (I've been watching a lot of "Celebrity Apprentice" lately)4. Is fairview... Continue Reading →

ageism, Peeping Toms, abacus

More Google searches that lead to my blog:1. Would you mow the lawn unasked of a 75 year old neighbour? First off, let me justify the needless "u" in the last word, because this hit came from Australia. They can throw "u"s into anything and be excused.Secondly: hell no, I wouldn't! Have you met me?... Continue Reading →

Bitch naked on a trampoline

I know my blog posts have become a bit sporadic. I hate myself for it. But I'm working a lot and working out when I can to prevent the second chin that is trying to arrive in time for Christmas. My page came up in some more interesting Google searches, so since that's easy, that... Continue Reading →


Having a sitemeter on my blog allows me to see who is reading my blog. Well, names of the computer owners don't actually come up (but it would be pretty sweet if they did), but I can see from what part of the world my viewers are from and how they found my page. Usually... Continue Reading →

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