Having a sitemeter on my blog allows me to see who is reading my blog. Well, names of the computer owners don’t actually come up (but it would be pretty sweet if they did), but I can see from what part of the world my viewers are from and how they found my page. Usually my readers are regulars, but once in awhile I’ll get a hit from a foreign country and I can pretty much bet on the fact that they weren’t looking for my blog.

I’ve been collecting some of the phrases people have typed into Google before ending up at my site. Here are a few. I’ll keep collecting for future posts because I find it hilarious.

1. shoes that look bitchin’ for a night out
2. how do you remove coritsone cream from microfiber couch pillows
3. meeker mansion wedding alcohol
4. koli got screwed
5. amber pelesky piano lessons
at this point I bought her business cards since I don’t want to drive business away from my sister with my potty mouth
6. firework shells
7. neighborhood bible time versus {sic} 2010
Since you might not know what that is: it’s a national summer church camp that is very competition-driven. I won in seventh grade for memorizing 132 verses in four days, so knowing that people cheat by googling the verses to memorize beforehand miffed me a bit, even now
8. sarah church backpack
have no idea what this person was trying to find: did Sarah at church have a cool backpack and they thought if they googled it a picture would magically appear? Bizarre…
9. leaving wad the wurst thing you ever done alone poems
??? Was this a child with a speech and typing impediment?
10. “sober to drunk”

And saving the best for last: my absolute favorite – someone from Broken Arrow, OK googled:
i was screaming at a bitch in the parking lot in a little gray car
Again, I’m not quite sure what they were hoping to find online about that – maybe the owner of the gray car? Either way, it made my day.

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  1. some of those are pretty good. 🙂

    In case you care…I hooked up to your blog on facebook. Not that I'm a friend of yours on facebook. But I was checking out people I know/knew (you are one of them from PCBC)and decided to read your blog. 🙂 Isn't that nice.

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