Leaf me be

Today, while raking up six yard waste bags and three trash cans worth of leaves, I wondered what apartment rent prices were running these days. Having a house can be such a pain in the ass sometimes. So I forced myself to think of a happier memory: like the day we first came and saw... Continue Reading →

hammock, horticulturist, halfwit,

Ideally, on Saturdays Steve and I work in the yard. Sometimes that happens, most times it doesn't. Today for some bizarre reason we both felt very ambitious. We just recently had the jungle of Mulberry trees we inherited demolished:Before:After:I hate Mulberry trees. I have been yanking out seedlings everywhere. They spread like the clap.My next... Continue Reading →

one year later

A year ago today we moved into our first home.It's been the best year of my life.Turning these other people's home into our own.Having a piece of land to call our's.No more fighting for a decent parking spot or scraping my windshield.Now I'm growing tomatoes and Steve mows the lawn.We've turned even more boring with... Continue Reading →

do-it-yourself BS

Until I'm offered a book deal, Steve and I have a budget. And that budget forces us to do a lot of hard work ourselves. Hard work that I desperately wish I could pay someone else to do, but supposedly it's teaching me the value of a dollar or some bullshit our dads would say.... Continue Reading →

globes and maps

Last week, I took a half day. I took a half day so I could attend an interview, which I'll tell you more about later. Have I ever told you how much I love half days? Oh yes, I have. Of course I have. I am a rerun. But half days are perfect. You get... Continue Reading →

Christmas spirit

There are very few days each year any more exciting than the one where I pull out all my Christmas decorations. I love wreaths. I have so many, this one had to be hung on the bathroom door. I love pine garland with lights in it. I love personal stockings. Oh, how I love everything... Continue Reading →

mom’s visits ends

So my mom was extremely productive while (why do I feel that this should be "whilst"?) she was here. She told me that bath towels were not correct for towel-drying hands. You should use hand towels. I fought this until I had no fight left in me. I know it's not the correct use for... Continue Reading →

work hard, spend harder

I give up on this day. I worked much too hard. I did not play at all. My broken windshield wipers problem which I anticipated being a $15 fix cost $364. Who knew there was a such thing as a windshield wiper motor and that it could break? I ran, lifted weights, and did 500... Continue Reading →

bring on the guests!

Before:After:Rome wasn't built in a day, but this room was painted in one. You might not think that's a fair comparison, but perhaps I neglected to mention that I painted it myself. Two coats. Including edging and touch-ups. Oh, and a second run to Home Depot for another gallon of paint. And I now think... Continue Reading →

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