what makes me happy

It has taken me a year and a half, but I have finally finished my Favorite Things wall. OK, maybe not finished, but mostly filled up (I will squeeze more things in there if I can). Don't play semantics with me, I know these aren't all things, but some are activities, one is a weather... Continue Reading →

Book Nook

I have completed my first Pinterest worthy project. Brandon's room has a small nook between where his closet ends and the outside wall begins. One day, when he is in school, I will put his desk there. But until then, I have decided to fill it with his books.I love framed book covers. I didn't... Continue Reading →

fresh paint

Yes, like everyone else in the world, we had a brown house. Until yesterday. We are not beige people. Now our house reflects that.

holden’s room

Holden's room is finished! It was no easy feat.Here are the before and after photos.   I picked the brightest red known to mankind and it took four coats to even out the brush strokes.   I'm pretty proud of the end result, although the color is going to scare the beezezus out of a baby. 

toy room – phase 2

A few weeks ago, I decided to convert our dining room into a toy room. That was phase one. Then, having some time on my hands without a job, I overhauled into phase 2. Forgive me for not cleaning up the toys before taking the pictures. That's the beauty of a toy room - you... Continue Reading →


I've become rather crafty with all of my new spare time. I have been knocking out house projects left and right. I have painted the toy room and hung the curtains. Tomorrow we put in the new light fixture and I'm tracking my art orders like crazy. Once the artwork is hung, I'll post pictures... Continue Reading →

toy room

I was bored yesterday. So I converted our dining room into a playroom.Before: After:   This is just phase one. I plan to paint the room and hang artwork and put in a new light fixture. Brandon's reading corner. We must have read "Giggle Giggle Quack" a hundred times this weekend.  I assembled the toy bins, then... Continue Reading →

Something good

Before:    After: Steve and I had been planning and saving for a new roof. A roof is so expensive. We tried to get out of paying for it - a couple years ago, Steve called an insurance adjustor out, hoping that sometime in the past fifteen years there had been significant enough hail damage that... Continue Reading →

first to go

Week one of being a working mother completed. I must say - it is exhausting. I wake up at 6am now. I shower, feed the baby, bathe and clothe him, groom and dress myself, eat breakfast, then drop him off at daycare. I go to work where I am frantically trying to learn my new... Continue Reading →

my nook

I covet furniture. My perfect date would be browsing Ethan Allen, eating some pasta, then finishing the night off with a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. I want to shove rich brown wood furniture into every crevice of my house; I want a place to sit against every wall. A nice desk has been on my... Continue Reading →

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