I’ve become rather crafty with all of my new spare time. I have been knocking out house projects left and right. I have painted the toy room and hung the curtains. Tomorrow we put in the new light fixture and I’m tracking my art orders like crazy. Once the artwork is hung, I’ll post pictures of my finished project. I am very proud already.

I have also been working on other things. There is this little triangle of a wall on the walk up the stairs before the banister starts. I am filling it up with letterpress prints I found on Etsy. Have I ever mentioned how much I love letterpress prints or Etsy? One day I am going to get my own letterpress.

I made the picture on the left.

It’s a brown paper package tied up with string.

I am on the hunt for a prints of cold coffee drinks, bubble baths, puzzles, and books. I found a rain print and a globe print that I will be adding to the wall soon. This is my happy place. I’ll post a picture of the finished project when I make it that far.

Stairs never get much attention in a home. When we were kids, we didn’t have a TV, but sometimes dad would bring his projector home from school and mom would pop us some popcorn and we would all sit on a step and watch the educational film, dust particles dancing in the light of the projector. It was a happy time. I love the stairs. My stairs refuse to be neglected. They will be dolled up with art just like every other wall in this house.

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