what makes me happy

It has taken me a year and a half, but I have finally finished my Favorite Things wall. OK, maybe not finished, but mostly filled up (I will squeeze more things in there if I can). Don’t play semantics with me, I know these aren’t all things, but some are activities, one is a weather condition and one is a place. Whatever; maybe I should have named this wall “what makes me happy.” Here they are, a dozen of those things in no particular order:

  • Weeping Willows (all trees really, but those in particular)
  • Donuts and a blended coffee
  • Washington 
  • Old typewriters 
  • My NYC snow globe
  • Handwritten letters
  • Taking baths
  • Globes
  • Reading books
  • The rain
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Yoga

I have sent messages to Etsy shop owners asking for customizations, made a few trips to Michael’s, and even had an artist make the donut & coffee and the puzzle pieces paintings just for me. Maybe next I will make Steve a wall of his favorite things. That would include a football, a highball glass full of ice and whiskey, a guitar or headphones, a full DVD stack next to a TV, a newspaper. Brandon’s would be instruments and animals, books and a pool. Holden’s would be balls and cookies with milk. He is a more athletic Santa, basically.

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  1. my favorites wall would be so much the same… take out washington (i've never been), i don't have a ny snow globe, and lord knows the shape of this body can't contort into many yoga poses. add diet coke, french fries, tire swings, the mountains, a stack of cozy blankets, and like stephen – a whole lot of dvd's.

    i really love this idea.

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