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I covet furniture. My perfect date would be browsing Ethan Allen, eating some pasta, then finishing the night off with a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. I want to shove rich brown wood furniture into every crevice of my house; I want a place to sit against every wall. A nice desk has been on my dream list for years. And finally, my dream came true. This arrived on Saturday:

Yes, I know it’s not in perfectly presentable shape. I don’t have nice bookends or pictures on it yet. I don’t have the big chair to go with it. But I’ve learned you don’t wait to show something off when it’s perfect, because perfection never comes. An old co-worker of mine said she decided to have two house warming parties: one for when they just moved in, and one for when they had everything as they wanted it. It’s been twenty years, and she still hasn’t had the second party.

That was a tangent: back to the furniture. The problem with buying new furniture is once you start, you don’t know how to stop. Seriously, just ask the credit department of Furniture Row. Now that my desk is in, I realized the leather chair in the den that Tucker loves to lay on is much too bulky and raggedy; I need some sleek decorative chairs instead to match. I could use a lamp on the desk. A smaller computer tower that I could put below would be nice. Wanting is a real problem for me.

But all my wants aside, I am a very happy girl, sitting at my very own desk, playing FreeCell every night. This room belongs to me. It is my little nook full of the things I love most: books and the internet. Now put a tv with DVR box and the pantry full of cookies in here and I’m all set. And, of course, the new chairs and lamp.

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  1. It's gorgeous Holly. You have a good eye for taste and I love the globe collection too! Happy for you, now you have the perfect place to start your book!

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