Book Nook

I have completed my first Pinterest worthy project. Brandon’s room has a small nook between where his closet ends and the outside wall begins. One day, when he is in school, I will put his desk there. But until then, I have decided to fill it with his books.

I love framed book covers. I didn’t buy any of the book covers as artwork – I used book jackets or destroyed books we already had. These are some of Brandon’s favorite books. 8×8 frames fit Berenstain Bears, Little Critter, and Biscuit books (plus many more square paperback books). Many large books are 8×10 and smaller ones are often 5×7 so I didn’t have to buy any specialty frames.

I only paid for two of these prints:
1. The “You’ve Got Mail” quote in the upper left corner ($10 for four printable 8×10 quotes) – you can buy it on Etsy here.
2. The “Book Nook” 8×10 print in the center ($10) – you can buy it on Etsy here. I matted the center picture ($4 @ Michael’s) and put it in an 11×14 frame so it was larger than everything else.

All of Brandon’s books are organized by shelf (Disney on one shelf, hardbacks on their own shelves, paperbacks on their own). For book collections (ie: Little Critter, Arthur, Thomas) that he likes, I bought magazine files and store them all in there. Now when he wants a book, I can retrieve it in ten seconds or less. Until, of course, he gets in there and destroys my organization.


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