Filled anew

There is something so special about the time of great romance in your life. The time when you are falling in love. You are consumed with a new energy – an excitement, a purpose that you didn’t have before. I didn’t think anything would compare with it since. In fact, I think married couples often see love stories unfolding in movies and both think of what has been and is no longer and what will never be again.

But I’m here, eight years into my marriage, nine years since our great romance, and I’m telling you I am filled with that kind of energy again. And no, I’m not seeing someone else. I am telling you that type of passion lies not just in your bond with another person, but really in doing anything it is that really excites you.

For me, it is in writing. I have always dreamed of writing a book (many books, really). I have thought about it and dreamed about it. That’s it. But now I’m actually acting on it. I have let way too many years slide by without doing anything beyond dreaming. Those years, by the way, would have been perfect to commit to writing. Now I have two children and don’t have alone time without feeling guilty about being alone.

But thanks to my mother-in-law offering to watch my boys one afternoon a week, I am writing this novel. I am nowhere near finished, of course, but I have words on pages. And I’m putting more and more words on more and more pages. On Friday, after I finished writing, I made myself a salad in the kitchen and I literally found myself bouncing up and down to a song, that is how excited I was to be doing what I love, to be filled with inspiration and purpose and excitement. Then I went for a run, and I thought of my characters and what they would do and how I would write it. I smiled a lot while I sucked up the fresh outdoor air, filled anew.

Everyone wants to be something. Some of us actually have the discipline to become it. 
~ Jon Taffer on Bar Rescue

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