work hard, spend harder

I give up on this day.

I worked much too hard.

I did not play at all.

My broken windshield wipers problem which I anticipated being a $15 fix cost $364. Who knew there was a such thing as a windshield wiper motor and that it could break?

I ran, lifted weights, and did 500 crunches while watching “the Biggest Loser.”

Now I am completely exhausted.

So my blog is half-hearted.

I apologize.

In better news, I did get these three canvas paintings on eBay yesterday for a total of $56 to put in our newly painted guest room:

Artist is Billy Jacobs and I can not get enough of him. Nor can I get enough of eBay. It’s becoming hazardous to our bank account. The other day I had my first negative eBay experience out of some 60 odd transactions lately. Some guy in China w/a frozen Paypal account. Oh well, I will search for the item elsewhere, this time I will read carefully about the seller before bidding. Look before you leap, I’m told. I never seem to heed good advice.

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