chore time

Time to go through my old clothes again. I try to throw them out every time I run out of hangers. Too bad I’ve been skimping and using the dry cleaning hangers or buying a pack here and there just to get by (I sound like an addict).

Time to file all of this mail that probably really is important. It sits in a large pile on top of my filing crate.

Time to throw out these mounds of old receipts. I only keep the clothes receipts and for 90 days, but it is still a small mound (see initial sentence).

Time to rake the leaves. Steve has been running over them with the lawn mower and emptying many additional bags into our trash cans marked “YM.”

Time to put away all the paint gear from last weekend’s project.

Time to clean out the fridge and wash down the showers, wash the sheets and towels, and get both my boys haircuts over with.

Time to realize that short cuts make the chore list longer later on.

Time to think about later on instead of just right now.

My spring cleaning that I’m just now getting around to…

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  1. when it snowed 2 weeks ago it made every single leaf fall off our trees in one day. we finaly got around to raking on monday. it took 15 paper yard waste bags… 15!

    chores suck.

    too bad we have to be adults sometimes.


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